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Leaving the house is a rare event these days. Sometimes I forget how different things are outside right now, until I drive by the sunset and see all the ships just floating in limbo...not at their home port and not yet arriving at their destination.

Seeing these today reminds me of how we find ourselves floating in limbo, as well. Yesterday we celebrated this Easter season—He has risen! Things are different for us today because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the grave. We, too, have a chance for a new life! It’s why we get so excited this time of year.

But sometimes WE are changed and yet the circumstances AROUND us haven’ do we live now? We celebrated a victory yesterday but yet here we are, lingering in the “now but not yet” limbo until He returns again to take us home.

Don’t lose hope, friends. God is on the move—He didn’t leave us behind, and He didn’t leave us alone. Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a place for us, and while He’s away, we’re tasked with sharing the good news with as many as we can. I love how Paul puts it:

“For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But if I live, I can do more fruitful work for Christ. So I really don’t know which is better. I’m torn between two desires: I long to go and be with Christ, which would be far better for me. But for your sakes, it is better that I continue to live.” (Philippians‬ ‭1:21-24‬)

You’re no longer at your original port, but you’re not yet docked at your final destination. Keep going, whether it means full speed ahead or floating until further notice...but don’t stop until He returns.


New reports are coming out each day. New recommendations & restrictions are being imposed. A lot of fear and false information is being spread, as well.

🌟If you are a Christian, please remember that we are called to live lives of honesty & integrity, and we do not operate in a spirit of fear. Please refrain from sharing or reposting anything that is designed to incite further panic or division in a time when we should be a voice of calmness & unity. And please stop repeating falsehoods immediately: fake cures, false narratives, conspiracy theories, etc. It is the opposite of helpful—it is harmful.

🌟I understand now is a difficult time to unplug completely from social media, considering we are all looking for some kind of information or connection during this difficult season. But if you are struggling with anxiety right now, I encourage you to hide anything and anyone from your newsfeed that contributes to that stress & anxiety. When life returns to normal, you can always undo that, but for now, save yourself some headaches and cultivate an encouraging and uplifting social media feed for yourself. If you are unsure of how to do that, let me know and I will show you how.

🌟And if you need prayers, errands run, or anything right now, please let me know. I am happy to help and I have many friends who feel the same. 🧡I love you guys!

The simple truth is, this will probably not be the last time we face uncertain times. As Mr. Rogers once said, "Look for the helpers."

And where you see none, be one.

  • Writer's pictureNicky Stade

On most Friday nights, I lay my head on my pillow excited that I have no alarms to wake up to in the morning. Yet, on Saturday mornings my eyes flutter open around the same time as if my alarm had gone off anyway. I roll over and try to will myself back to sleep—because I can! Yet my body rebels; and if I do happen to fall back to sleep, I usually awaken again with a headache because my body craves that first lovely cup of coffee.

Sleeping is my favorite hobby, if I’m honest. But one thing I’ve learned recently is that it’s not as fun to **figuratively** sleep your life away. Our family has been through not one…not two…but MANY major transitions including jobs, churches, homes, communities, and not least of all—the loss of a loved one--in a little more than one year. It’s easy to just go numb, moving through the motions of life, yet not really LIVE. Right?

But we are not called to sleep through life. We are called to WAKE UP—my favorite verse right now is Hebrews 10:38 where it says He takes “no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.” (NIV) I’m tired of being tired. It’s time to WAKE UP and SHOW UP in 2020. Are you ready? #wakeup #showup#2020vision

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