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Whether you are a pastor’s wife, a women’s ministry leader, or a credentialed minister, the Women of SoCal Leadership podcast is designed to help you know, grow, and go. Each month, we will have conversations around relevant topics to help you be the best leader God has called you to be.

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Created with female pastors, ministry leaders, and future ministers in mind, the NWM Podcast is designed to offer tangible leadership competencies that can be applied directly at every level of ministerial leadership. Featured in two segments to capture diverse perspectives: Grow Together and Learn Together.

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 #facebooklive interview with Wes Wick,

Co-hosting alongside Matt VanWinkle & Zac Wilkinson, Nicky joins in conversation with pastors around the world on their journey into ministry, what has impacted them most along the way, and of course the Fantabulous Final Four & the Wheel of Fun!

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Guest Spots

(aka: check out these awesome podcasts, too!)

The loneliest woman in your church is probably your female minister or pastor's wife. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Listen to Episode 42 with the wise and caring @nicky.stade to find out why loneliness is a common problem in ministry and how ministry leaders can find true friendship.⠀

"Friending" is a no-nonsense, all-practical, sometimes hilarious podcast show that helps women grow healthy female friendships in these modern times. Learn more & subscribe here.

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Why do we feel like we don’t have time to do the things that really matter, especially if we are true followers of Christ? How do we figure out an action plan that intentionally allows for Kingdom building? Nicky gives us practical strategies that will help even the most stuck and frustrated anti-planners! #labi68challenge: Are my priorities where they should be right now or do I need to flip some things around? Nicky’s Website: Leah’s IG: @leah.rempel

"Lab I:68" is a podcast dedicated to getting more women into the battlefield for the kingdom of God. ​We are here to equip , encourage and challenge you to put your faith into action in every area of your life, reflecting the love and servitude of Christ. Learn more & subscribe here.

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