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Time to Wake Up!

On most Friday nights, I lay my head on my pillow excited that I have no alarms to wake up to in the morning. Yet, on Saturday mornings my eyes flutter open around the same time as if my alarm had gone off anyway. I roll over and try to will myself back to sleep—because I can! Yet my body rebels; and if I do happen to fall back to sleep, I usually awaken again with a headache because my body craves that first lovely cup of coffee.

Sleeping is my favorite hobby, if I’m honest. But one thing I’ve learned recently is that it’s not as fun to **figuratively** sleep your life away. Our family has been through not one…not two…but MANY major transitions including jobs, churches, homes, communities, and not least of all—the loss of a loved one--in a little more than one year. It’s easy to just go numb, moving through the motions of life, yet not really LIVE. Right?

But we are not called to sleep through life. We are called to WAKE UP—my favorite verse right now is Hebrews 10:38 where it says He takes “no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.” (NIV) I’m tired of being tired. It’s time to WAKE UP and SHOW UP in 2020. Are you ready? #wakeup #showup#2020vision

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