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What I Read in 2018

Last year, I decided I wanted to read more. I made a goal to read 24 books--at least two a month seemed doable. A friend told me about GoodReads, which is a website and an app you can put on your phone to help keep track of what you're reading, what you'd like to read, and what you want to read in the future. My favorite part is seeing what my friends are reading and what they like about particular books. By the end of December, I was shocked to count up my stack and realized I had read 36 in total!

2018 was in many ways a year of discovery for me. After months of prayer and preparation, I made a big transition in my life which resulted in some time off over the summer. That helped open up my schedule to include some more reading, of course, but it also gave me some time to experiment in the types of books I read. I read physical books at home, scrolled through digital books while waiting in lines and listened to audio books while I cleaned house or commuted to meetings. I read multiple books at the same time, jumping from productivity to murder mysteries and then to spiritual development--sometimes all in the same day!

This year, my goal is to hit 36 again, but I'm secretly hoping to surpass it. I love to read, but now that my schedule is filling up again, I have to intentionally carve out the time to do so. Here's a glimpse at some of what I read last year that I feel made the biggest impact at that moment in my life. Click on the gallery read a few brief thoughts on each:

I hope this helps you get started on a new reading goal! You can find all of these books on Amazon or at a bookseller near you. Comment below and let me know if you've read any of these and what you thought, and leave a book suggestion while you're at it!


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