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I Am Not Enough

Last week, I introduced a series on how to spot sneaky selfishness before it stops you (read that post here). Today, let's talk about sneaky selfishness number one: The thought that "I am not enough"...

God has called each of us to do the impossible. If it were easy, we wouldn’t need Him, right? So often, all we can focus on are our own inadequacies and the hard things that stand in our way. This is one I struggle with the most. Being raised by a single, teenage mother; kicked out of the house at the age of 14; never having attended a formal university all has made me feel “not enough” for much of my life.

And depending on your background, maybe like me, you’ve felt like you’re not able to live in victory or pursue your calling because you’re not educated enough, you’re not strong enough, you’re not well-known or wealthy enough. The truth is, I’m NOT enough. But GOD is.

Let me tell you a story of an outsider thrust into a position he was very much uncomfortable with…a man stuck between two cultures. Moses was a Hebrew slave by birth but adopted & raised by Egyptian royalty--I think it's safe to say he never felt like he fit in anywhere. After a fit of rage resulting in the murder of another man, Moses ran away to live an isolated life in the desert.

God assigned Moses to a task that would bring him head-to-head with the most powerful man in Egypt, but would result in the freedom of millions of people. And in that moment, Moses did what any of us would probably do…he argued with God! Despite the promise that God would be with him, give him the words to say and give him the power to overcome any obstacle, Moses could only focus on his shortcomings and continued to refuse the assignment until God gave him a partner—his brother, Aaron—to help.

Eventually, Moses went on to fulfill his purpose and we still talk about him thousands of years later…but we still have much to learn from his story.

We would never say that God is too small, or somehow not enough, right? That would be silly! But imagine this with me for a fact, say this out loud with me because sometimes we need to hear it to really let it sink in:

God created me.

God sent His Son to die for me.

God sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in me.

If God is enough and God's Holy Spirit dwells in me, then through Him and by His power I am enough.

How does that sound? Now, go back and say it again... It makes sense to me!

When we let this thought that we are not "enough" stop us from doing what God has created us to do on this earth, we are really saying that we don't believe He is big enough to accomplish those things through us. God has given each of us different gifts and talents. These are not meant to be put up on a shelf and forgotten about, they are meant to be used! Don't discount what you are able to do for God--because it's not based on whether or not you are capable. It's based on whether or not you are willing!

This week, reflect on the fact that you ARE enough--and when you begin to question that again, repeat those words above until you begin to really believe them.

Next week: Sneaky Selfishness Number Two "It all depends on me"...

#insecurity #victory

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