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Your Best You

I love Facebook Live videos--unlike other social media forms of streaming, it seems like people only go on Facebook Live when they have something constructive or interesting to say (or at least in my carefully cultivated social media circles that is).

Today, as I was watching Carey Nieuwhof do a live "Ask Me Anything" he mentioned a really good point about New Years Resolutions--basically every January 1st you exercise, eat right, speak kindly, read your Bible, get up or go to bed early, etc. In other words, on January 1st, you are the best version of you...but it only lasts a day or a week (at best)! By the time March rolls around, you are right back to your old habits.

What's the point?

There is none...unless you change your mindset and make significant, deliberate steps towards lasting changes. And that isn't possible on our own.

This year, I have many things I'd love to check off my goal list (one is to keep up with this blog). And, if I'm honest, I probably won't get very far because I'm inclined to love my comfort zone--it's hard to change! But, the reality is, God is forever calling us to move out of our comfort zone, to grow, to mature. But that requires a bit of discomfort...and who likes that? Not me!

I'm grateful that God sees me as I am (an imperfect sinner) and loves me anyway. I'm also grateful that God sees me as I am (His faithful bride) even in the process, before I fully resemble the best version of myself.

If you are looking for the best version of you, start by looking at God's description of you in His Word (holy, righteous, gracious, loving, kind, full of joy, bold, faithful, made clean, courageous...and the list goes on). It's an impossible standard to live up to--on our own--but we will do it, and it will be all because of Him.

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